P.O. Box 247 | Berwick, LA 70342 | (985) 395-5260 | Fax: (985) 399-1390
It is our mission to provide superior service to meet all of our customers' transportation and logistical needs while being environmentally conscious and providing an ultra-safe working environment. 
Teche Trucking, Inc. was established in 1993 by Joey Carbonell. His objective was to provide the oilfield with a dependable heavy hauling company. Since the beginning, Teche Trucking, Inc. has demonstrated that we have what it takes to do any job that is required. Our company and safety records speak for themselves. Teche Trucking, Inc. is one of the few companies in South Louisiana with the equipment that is required for heavy hauling. Our company and drivers have always been available 24/7, 365 to provide this reliable, outstanding service that we have become known for. With our experience, equipment, and unsurpassed customer service, Teche Trucking, Inc. is the leading choice. 

In 1997, Joey saw an opportunity to offer his customers more options to meet their transportation and logistical requirements. He decided to launch Teche Towing, Inc. Because Joey has worked on vessels of all kinds since he was a teenager and is currently on his seventh issue of his Captain's License, he had the experience needed to develop another company that would be dedicated to serving his customers. Once again, Joey succeeded in establishing an exceedingly professional corporation that met all customer needs while employing several vastly knowledgeable crew members to ensure that all jobs would be executed with the utmost proficiency and care. Through our service and commitments, Teche Towing, Inc. continues to demonstrate why we are the top choice.  
"We don't hunt bear with a BB gun!"